The Department of Experimental Medicine was established in 2010 after the reorganization of the Departments of Sapienza University, and is composed by the personnel previously belonging to the former Departments of "Experimental Medicine and Pathology" and "Medical Pathophysiology".At present, our faculty includes 81 members (17 Full professors, 27 associate professors and 37 Researchers) of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, divided in two sections of General Pathology and Clinical Pathology and Medical Pathophysiology, Food Science and Endocrinology, aimed to promote translational and multidisciplinary research activities. The research of the Department covers the following topics: molecular oncology, viral oncology, oncoimmunology, regenerative medicine, molecular genetics, clinical and molecular endocrinology, clinical and molecular biology of diabetes and of pathologies of bone and hydrosaline metabolism, clinical and molecular biology of neuroendocrinology and cardiovascular endocrinology, clinical and molecular andrology, biology and biotechnology of reproduction, nutrition science and molecular and clinical aspects of the adipous tissue, epigenomics, the study of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and of immunity and infection, neurophysiology, platelet pathophysiology and psychoneuroimmunology.
The clinical activity (diagnostic and medical) is performed in two day hospitals (a: andrologic endocrinology and internal medicine; b: obesity, food disorders and metabolic diseases) and in the clinical and diagnostic structures of andrology, endocrinologic and diabetologic diagnosis, endocrinology and thyroid disorders, medical genetics, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, immunology and immunopathology, cellular pathology, genetic and metabolic diseases, clinical and transplant pathology.
The teaching activity is performed in the School of Medicine and in Degree Courses in Health Care Professions, in two Residency Programs in Endocrinology and Metabolic diseases and Science of Nutrition, in different Ph.D. programs and I and II level Masters and post-lauream training courses.